International Smart Cities Network

The International Smart Cities Network (ISCN) promotes the integration of digital solutions into citizen-centred urban development processes and facilitates the exchange of good practices and experiences between urban practitioners worldwide.

The ISCN currently consists of the core member countries Brazil, Mexico, Peru, India and Germany. These are each involved in the network activities at national and municipal level. Through the ISCN, the partner countries have the opportunity to continuously exchange their expertise and experience in the field of Smart Cities. The continuous “learning from each other” should make it possible to jointly shape the digital transformation of cities in terms of sustainable and integrated urban development.

Further information on the activities of the International Smart Cities Network can be found on our “News” page.


Exchange Formats

Knowledge Transfer

The Online Advisory Programme of the ISCN comprises on-demand formats such as international studies, video- and podcasts, as well as live streaming events and online meetings with contributions from the international smart city expert community.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Based on the existing and provided knowledge within the ISCN, the members can benefit from peer consultations on concrete projects. They can support each other in their strategic planning, incorporate various experiences in the processes and continuously obtain feedback.

Meetings of the ISCN

To consolidate partnerships within the ISCN, semi-annual network meetings are held in Germany and the ISCN partner countries. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, these are currently compensated by high-level online symposia which capture the pulse of the international smart city discourse.


Online Advisory Programme


Voices from the Network

Kunal Kumar, India

Joint Secretary and Mission Director of Smart Cities Mission, Ministry of Housing and Urban  Affairs, India

Eduardo Kaplan, Brazil

Leader of Smart Cities Initiative, Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES), Brazil


#1 – Digital Participation
with Gabriela Canales (Guadelajara) & Ashit Rajhans (Bhubaneswar)

#2 – Digital Participation
with Marcos Antonio Gasco Arrobas (Chiclayo)

#3 – Digital Participation
Dwith Claudius Lieven (Hamburg)

#4 – Human-Centered Design
with Dr. Nadja Berseck (Berlin)

#5 – Smart City Initiatives in Rwanda
with Alice Higiro (Kigali)

#6 – Data Strategies International
with Laura Dieguez (Berlin)

#7 – Social Innovation
with Simon Höher (Berlin)

#8 – Data Sharing
with Marcos Souza (Fortaleza)

#9 – Smart City Trends
at Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

2023 ISCN Podcast-Series: What’s new in international urban data governance?

#10 – EU Data Act
with Federica Bordelot (Eurocities)

#11 – Interoperability
with Eddy Hartog (European Commission)

#12 – Data Spaces
with Sophie Meszaros
(Open & Agile Smart Cities)

#13 – AI in the City
with Milou Jansen (Amsterdam)




Further Activities



Enoh Tabak

ISCN Network Secretariat