4th Event of the Online Advisory Programme

With the latest event of the Online Advisory Programme (OAP) on 28th October 2021, the International Smart Cities Network (ISCN) started the discussion on a new, highly relevant topic: Data Governance! How can cities and municipalities use data for urban planning and governance? How can data be opened to enable innovation and citizen involvement? These are just some of the key issues of our time.

Therefore, the session focused on the topic of examples of data governance in the global north and south and evolving models of data stewardship as a data governance model. Our guest speakers Suha Mohamed and Amrita Nanda presented findings from the research of the Data Economy Lab of the Aapti Institute, India. The two research analysts discussed various modes of community or public oriented data governance that can both harness the inherent societal value of data, while also safeguarding the rights of individuals and communities. To this end, Aapti is currently analysing existing legal frameworks that can support Data Trusts supported by the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence.

In addition, the ISCN partners exchanged views on the progress and further development and implementation of the digital solution „Mi Mercado AMG“. Read more about the launch of the pilot market Mexicaltzingo in the Municipality of Guadalajara here.

Models of data governance & modern concepts of data governance in different cities and communities

Suha Mohamed and Amrita Nanda presenting current findings of their research regarding different models of data governance in cities and sharing ideas on how to start learning about and integrating such models.