6th Event of the Online Advisory Programme

On 24 March, the participants of the Online Advisory Programme of the International Smart Cities Network enjoyed an exciting, hands-on event on the topic of interoperability and standardisation of data, as well as data sharing. One of the questions addressed was how data cooperation across sectors and responsibilities can succeed within municipalities? Which technical and contractual models are suitable for a profitable partnership between the public and private sectors within the smart city? And what added value do open standards and the urban data exchange create?

The first answers were already found in the presentations by Sebastian Troch, Head of Division ITS and Data Management at the Department of Transport at the Authority of Transport and Mobility Change of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and Eva Fraedrich, Head of Mobility Research at MOIA GmbH, a private on-demand Ride-Sharing service provider. Both reported on their cooperation and experiences with public-private data sharing in the mobility sector and showed how this helps the city of Hamburg on its way to becoming a model city for intelligent mobility.

Equally insightful was the presentation by Dr. Inder Gopal, CEO of India Urban Data Exchange (IUXD), a cloud-based software platform that supports Indian cities in providing and using data for standards-based development of smart digital solutions. The platform was developed in a global partnership between businesses, academia and government and is based on open source code and open standards.

As usual, the agenda was completed by the latest updates from Mexico, where the ISCN has been supporting the Institute for Urban Planning and Management of the Metropolitan Region of Guadalajara (IMEPLAN) in the implementation of the digital solution “Mi Mercado AMG” since the beginning of 2021. In the upcoming event on 2nd June, we will present the transfer package including the open source code and further comprehensive support for scaling the solution.

What the future of mobility in Hamburg has to do with Interoperability, Standardization and Data Sharing:

The role of Data Exchanges in the public sector and lessons learned from India: