ISCN Podcast #12: Towards Data Spaces for Smarter Cities

In this brand-new episode three of ISCN’s 2023 Podcast Series on “What’s new in international urban data governance?” we spoke to Sophie Meszaros of Open & Agile Smart Cities about a new trend topic in smart cities: Data Spaces.

In the conversation we discussed how data spaces aim at solving the challenges for sovereign data exchange and how data spaces will contribute to a European data economy that also supports the transition towards climate-neutrality. Lea and Sophie touch upon the foundations of data spaces, what’s still needed for data spaces to become a reality and how the European flagship project “Data Spaces for Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities” is working towards a blueprint.

This podcast and more interviews are available in the “Voices from the Network” section on the “International Dialogue” subpage. Tune in to find out more!