New ISCN Podcast #10: The EU Data Act – What’s in it for cities?

In the latest episode and part one of ISCN’s 2023 Podcast Series on “What’s new in international urban data governance?” Lea Hemetsberger spoke to Federica Bordelot, Head of Digital Transformation at Eurocities, about a new piece of European legislation that will affect public administrations and companies alike: The European Data Act. The Data Act aims at providing the baseline rules for a “fair access to and use of data”. That also includes data sharing between business and government, the so-called B2G data sharing.

In the podcast, Lea and Federica discuss what the Data Act means for cities and regions in Europe and whether the Data Act will have a similar impact beyond European borders as the General Data Protection Regulation (or more famously known as GDPR) has had.

This podcast and more interviews are available in the Voices from the Network section on the “International Dialogue” subpage. Tune in to find out more!