New podcast on smart city initiatives in Rwanda

“Smart City Dialogue” is the podcast series of the International Smart Cities Network (ISCN). Here you will listen to current topics on digital transformation in cities that concern us worldwide. The ISCN is dedicated to international exchange and knowledge transfer at national and local level. We bring together cities and ministries from different countries to discuss topics related to smart cities.

In the latest podcast, Alice Higiro, Director Smart Cities, talks about smart city initiatives of the Ministry of ICT and Innovation in Rwanda. Among other things, she highlights how they have been able to reduce barriers in public procurement processes, making them more accessible for innovation. She also explains how they are addressing the challenge of waste separation in Rwanda through co-creative processes with the citizens.

You can find the podcast and more interviews in the “Voices from the Network” section on the “International Dialogue” subpage. Please feel free to listen in!