Online Event Series of the International Smart Cities Network

What challenges does the COVID-19 pandemic pose for municipalities worldwide and what approaches and solutions could serve as models for dealing with the crisis? These questions were the starting point for the online event series “Digital Urban Solutions in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic” of the International Smart Cities Network (ISCN). From 18 June to 9 July, the event series addressed the demand for international exchange and networked problem solving. Digital approaches are becoming increasingly important, as their benefits are not only visible in the area of responsibility of cities and municipalities, but are also gaining increasing acceptance among citizens.

In several sessions the series of events dealt with the topics “Digital Participation for Resilient Cities”, “Digitalization Supporting Local Economic Recovery” and “Smart Public Transport in the (Post-)Pandemic City”. Over a period of four weeks, participants from the municipal to the national level from the eight countries Australia, Brazil, Chile, Germany, India, Mexico, Peru and Uganda, participated in the sessions.

Inputs “Digital Participation for Resilient Cities”

The situation in Guadalajara, Mexico, in times of COVID-19 Pandemic – Claudia Gabriela Canales Gallardo, Mexico
Digital Participation in Hamburg, Germany – Claudius Lieven, Germany
BBBLockchain Research Project – Blockchain Technology in Participatory Urban Planning – Prof. Jochen Rabe, Germany

Inputs “Digitalization Supporting Local Economic Recovery”

India’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – Kunal Kumar, India
Online mechanisms for local markets in Kampala – Henry Bukenya, Uganda

Inputs “Smart Public Transport in the (Post-)Pandemic City”

The Advances of Fortaleza-CE (Brazil) towards a Smart City and Urban Mobility as a Case in the Context of the Pandemic – Prof. Dr. Cláudio Ricardo Gomes de Lima, Brazil
Promoting Sustainable Mobility in Fortaleza: COVID-19 impacts and long-term perspectives – Renan Carioca, Brazil
Coronavirus Recovery: Public Transport for a Resilient Urban Mobility Future – Prof. Hussein Dia, Australia