Power, Data and Cities Reimagined | re:publica 2021

In May 2021, the International Smart Cities Network (ISCN) supported the session “Power, Data and Cities Reimagined” at the re:publica21. In the session, Renata Avila, Paola Villarreal and Geraldine de Bastion dreamed about the feminsist green new deal and cities built on public infrastructure, cities that involve their citizens in planing processes and cities that run open innovations systems based on public intereste instead of profit and data exploitation.

Paola Villarreal shared her experiences working with the city of Mexico, where she helped establish structures that empowered both citizens and local authorities to innovative and drive public sector innovation. Renata Avila shared her work with the  <A+> Alliance and together with Geraldine de Bastion they discussed current issues around lack of public infrastructure and data exploitation systems and shared ideas how our cities could be build on the idea of the data commons instead. 


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