ISCN Global Mixer - Sharing Data on Mobility: Germany’s Mobility Data Space

Sharing data in a safe and sovereign way is a necessary precondition for many smart city initiatives. For this ISCN Global Mixer, Dr Andreas Heindl from acatech shared valuable insights and learnings from his experience with Germany’s mobility data space.

Event details

23.10.2023, 11:00 - 11:30
Event type
Online (virtual)


Key take-aways

  • The formular for innovative (mobility) applications is: relevant data + decentralized infrastructure + trustworthy community
  • Building trust between different stakeholders is necessary to build up a cross-domain ecosystem like the mobility data space 
  • A neutral player is important to bring together all stakeholders and provide a level playing field  

The aim of mobility data space is to create innovation from sharing data in a new way and create incentives for data sharing. The data space will be developed into a one-stop-shop for mobility data in Germany and across Europe.

Mr Heindl explained the (mobility) data space as follows: mobility relevant data is fed into a decentralized infrastructure, which is connecting a trustworthy community, sharing data in order to create innovative applications. The infrastructure of the mobility dataspace is scalable: It can be easily applied to other domains or countries.

For useful applications, it is important to share relevant, cross-domain data. The goal of the data space is to tear down walls between different domains and to avoid data silos. 
This is only possible with a decentralized infrastructure, which ensures connectivity and trust. With the decentral approach, data remains in the infrastructure of its owner, a precondition for data sovereignty. The mobility data space ensures connectivity, therefore data can be interchanges within a single interface, reducing transaction costs.

A trustworthy community is the precondition for a project like the mobility data space. Mr Heindl stressed that the connection of different stakeholders by a neutral player is important to build trust and provide a level playing field.

The mobility data space creates new solutions and innovations: Use cases include improved traffic forecasting, weather based mobility recommendations, and an optimization of mobility offers.