ISCN Global Mixer – fresh inputs for Smart City Development from around the world

One of the International Smart Cities Network’s core knowledge-formats is the “ISCN Global Mixer”, a complementary to our other activities and strategic exchanges: A wide spectrum of selected Smart City topics is brought to you in less than 30 minutes (20 min keynote + 10 min Q&A).

On our agenda are intriguing and practical ideas that cater to the pulse of your interests. Moreover, the ISCN Global Mixer is a vehicle to onramp out-of-the-box content or experimental approaches from the very frontier of Smart City development into the discourse of our network. We appreciate an active culture of discussion and aim to link practitioners to the experiences in our network and vice versa.

Usually the Global Mixers will take place around lunchtime CEST, giving the opportunity to our partners from other continents to tune in live as well. Sessions will be held in English, unless otherwise specified.

The Summer Session of the ISCN Global Mixers entails the following events. You can sign up easily with each of the buttons, respectively:

A flight through a powerful Digital Twin in Virtual Reality

Date: 11 October 2023, 11.00-11.30 AM (CEST), 2.30-3.00 PM (IST), 6.00-06.30 AM (BRT)

Speaker: Leyla Kern, High-Performance Computing Centre Stuttgart


Digital Twins for Regions

Date: 11 October 2023, 1.00-1.30 PM (CEST), 4.30-5.00 PM (IST), 8.00-08.30 AM (BRT)

Speaker: Thomas Kiwitt, Managing Director, Verband Region Stuttgart


Virtual power plants and heating management in urban quarters

Date: 17. Okt 2023, 11-11.30 AM (CEST), 2.30-3 PM (IST), 6-6.30 AM (BRT)

Speaker: Nina Frei and Moritz Hüttl, EnBW – Energie Baden-Württemberg AG


Citizen Science and Smart Cities

Date: 17 October 2023, 1.00-1.30 PM (CEST), 4.30-5.00 PM (IST), 8.00-08.30 AM (BRT)

Speaker: Moritz Müller, Bürger Schaffen Wissen, a central citizen science platform in Germany


Urban Disaster Risk Resilience

Date: 18 October 2023, 1.00-1.30 PM (CEST), 4.30-5.00 PM (IST), 08.00-08.30 AM (BRT)

Speaker: Dr. Umamaheshwaran Rajasekar, Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI)


Smart Cities and Inclusion

Date: 20 October 2023, 4.00-4.30 PM (CEST), 7.30-8.00 PM (IST), 11.00-11.30 AM (BRT)

Speaker: Monica Duhem, Director, Global Advisory Center, G3ict – The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs


Data Sharing for Future Mobility – Lessons from Mobility Data Space

Date: 23 October 2023, 11.00-11.30 AM (CEST), 2.30-3.00 PM (IST), 6.00-6.30 AM (BRT)

Speaker: Dr. Andreas Heindl, acatech – National Academy of Science and Engineering


Rethinking ‘Smart‘: Insights for Community-Driven Innovation in Thailand?

Date: 30 October 2023, 11.00-11.30 AM (CEST), 3.30-4.00 PM (IST), 5.00-5.30 AM (BRT)

Speaker: Dr. Non Arkaraprasertkul, Senior Expert at Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) of Thailand



Digital Twins of Cities in Virtual Reality – 3 Use Cases

Date: 19 July 2023, 12.30-1.00 PM (CEST), 4.00-4.30 PM (IST), 07.30-08.00 AM (BRT)

Speaker: Leyla Kern, High-Performance Computing Centre Stuttgart


Creating Public Value Through Employee Experience: The LA-BORA! gov Journey

Date: 9 August 2023, 15.00-15.30 (CEST), 18.30-19.00 (IST), 10.00-10.30 (BRT)

Speaker: Luana Silveira de Faria, Head of LA-BORA! gov innovation lab within the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services, Brazil, and Governance Advisor at MIT.


Sandra Schett

Sandra Schett

ISCN Netzwerksekretariat