Research Cluster Smart Cities

The Federal Government has set up the Smart Cities research cluster at the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR) to investigate the specific relationship between digitisation and urban development.

The Smart Cities research cluster aims to understand the effects of the digitisation of society on urban development, to make methods and instruments from digitisation and big data research usable for urban development, to rethink fields of action of urban development policy with the knowledge of digitisation and, together with practice partners from cities and municipalities as well as the economy, to develop recommendations that can help municipalities on their way towards the digital city of the future. In addition to the topics of urban governance, urban economy, big data and the digital divide, questions of urban transport, online trade, eParticipation and new forms of knowledge acquisition and processing are analysed. Results of the studies are also incorporated into the discussions of the Smart Cities dialogue platform.