ISCN Online Advisory Programme

The International Smart Cities Network (ISCN) started the year 2022 with a very special edition of the Online Advisory Programme (OAP): In the online event on 27 January, the ISCN published two studies at once!

Firstly, Dr.-Ing. Alanus von Radecki and Laura Dieguez from the Data Competence Center for Cities and Regions (DKSR) presented the study ‘Data Strategies for a Common Good-Oriented Urban Development – International’. During the presentation of the study results, the research duo made it clear that data is key in the development of solutions to promote common good-oriented urban development and achieve the SDGs. They shared their lessons learned from their research and made clear what is important when it comes to data strategies and what one should pay attention to in particular when implementing them.

Likewise, the ‘Pathfinder Social Innovation in Urban Development‘ was presented by its authors Dr. Nadja Berseck and Simon Höher. With their work, they hope to encourage urban innovators in local or national administrations to step forward and build their capacity to deliver groundbreaking social innovations. Therefore it showcases 12 best practices, their real-life processes, impacts and challenges and together they form a rich and varied picture of social innovation in practice.

In addition, Tania Libertad Zavala Marin, Director of Metropolitan Development Management at the Metropolitan Planning and Management Institute of the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (IMEPLAN), presented updates on the piloting phase of the digital solution “Mi Mercado AMG”. Within this phase, the online market solution is being tested by future users of the app. Within several iterations, feedback will be provided to ensure a user-friendly design. Furthermore, a transfer package with source code, manuals, etc., is being developed for possible up-scaling of the digital solution to other municipalities in Mexico and worldwide.

Presentation: Data Strategies for a Common Good-Oriented Urban Development – International

Presentation: Pathfinder Social Innovation in Urban Development

Discussion on both studies