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Coimbatore meets Zora & Red Dot Foundation

Challenge: Empowering urban dwellers to harness green space benefits and overcome access barriers 

City: Coimbatore, India 

Digital Solution: safergreen by zora – Zozmann & Karutz GbR from Leipzig, Germany and Red Dot Foundation Global from Columbia, USA

Easy-to-use information and warning app that provides citizens with details about the location, condition, and visitor traffic of green spaces and playgrounds. Citizens can submit alerts about the safety situation and required maintenance, which will benefit user-centric greenspace management.

Süderbrarup meets WeCreate

Challenge: Empower digital literacy to increase participation

City: Amt Süderbrarup, Germany

Digital solution: WeCreate Süderbrarup by WeCreate from Leipzig, Germany

Providing a digital interface for engagement, networking and project management, which builds on offered analog workshops and networking events. The team received the award „Best Digital Solution for Access“.

Kaiserlautern und Wolfsburg meet Hello Again

Challenge: Keeping in touch during times of social distancing

Cities: Kaiserslautern & Wolfsburg, Germany

Digital solution: Hello Again by Capalogic GmbH from Wolfsburg, Germany

Easy-to-use video communication app adapted to the needs of the elderly that can be managed remotely by relatives. The team received the award „Best Digital Solution for Social Cohesion“.