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ISCN Global Mixer: Smart District Development: Experiences from Berlin TXL

From Vision to Reality - A (European) blueprint for Urban Data Spaces - Sophie Meszaros (Open & Agile Smart Cities & Communities)

ISCN Global Mixer: Livability in the Age of Shrinkage - Showcasing Urban Design Strategies & Digital Initiatives from Japan

Get your Urban Data Space funded - Javier Orozco-Messana (European Commission)

Use Case Pitch: Municipal Data Utility - Tim Cleffmann (DKRS)

ISCN Global Mixer Rethinking 'Smart' Insights for Community-Driven Innovation in Thailand.mp4

ISCN Global Mixer Smart Cities and Inclusion.mp4

ISCN Global Mixer Urban Disaster Risk Resilience.mp4

ISCN Global Mixer Data Sharing for Future Mobility.mp4