Review of the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 The ISCN looks back at the topics and events at this year's Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. In line with this, there is a brand new podcast episode with voices from the expo! READ MORE #connectedinEurope - Webseminar: City follows data - How municipalities develop their strategy in the Age of Data In this framework, #connectedinEurope offers a series of web seminars, the next one on “How European Municipalities Develop their Strategy in the Age of Data”. The project team will show you barriers and solutions with concrete examples. READ MORE Enhancing Urban Resilience: Using Digital Solutions for Smart Water Management Smart City Dialogue

Smart City Dialogue

Digitisation affects all areas of life and changes the structure of our cities and municipalities.

How can we use the opportunities offered by information and network technology in sustainable urban development? How can we create liveable communities also under new conditions? How can we increase the quality of life and opportunities for participation and co-creation for every individual?

Not only in Germany, but worldwide, the question arises how our cities and communities will develop in the age of digitalization. We want to help shape Smart Cities together in a dialogue between politics, administration, business, science and civil society.



Dialogue Platform

We want to actively shape the dialogue on Smart Cities.

Model Projects

We want to promote Smart City strategies and their implementation.

International Dialogue

We want to promote international exchange and learn from good practices worldwide.





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