ISCN Podcast on Data Sharing Marcos Souza from Fortaleza talks about the lessons learned of building an open data repository and the challenges connected to introducing new data management processes as well as needs for international collaboration and exchange. READ MORE 6th Event of the Online Advisory Programme On 24 March, the participants of the Online Advisory Programme of the International Smart Cities Network enjoyed an exciting, hands-on event on the topic of interoperability and standardisation of data, as well as data sharing. READ MORE Peer-learning-partnerships: Six partnerships for a knowledge transfer on the topic of sustainable and digital urban development have been selected! Smart City Dialogue

Smart City Dialogue

Digitisation affects all areas of life and changes the structure of our cities and municipalities.

How can we use the opportunities offered by information and network technology in sustainable urban development? How can we create liveable communities also under new conditions? How can we increase the quality of life and opportunities for participation and co-creation for every individual?

Not only in Germany, but worldwide, the question arises how our cities and communities will develop in the age of digitalization. We want to help shape Smart Cities together in a dialogue between politics, administration, business, science and civil society.



Dialogue Platform

We want to actively shape the dialogue on Smart Cities.

Model Projects

We want to promote Smart City strategies and their implementation.

International Dialogue

We want to promote international exchange and learn from good practices worldwide.





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